About Me

I am passionate about the free software movement, crypto-anarchy, GNU+Linux, anarcho-syndicalism, and democratic socialism. I am a member of the Industrial Workers of the World and Democratic Socialists of America.

I am an independent IT consultant and have previously managed a wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and also a datacenter, disaster recovery and business continuity firm in Central Illinois.

I'm also beginning to do information security research, penetration testing, and privacy consulting for activists, legal professionals and journalists.

This blog is mostly a place for me to post summaries and analysis of technology, infosec, privacy, activism and other topics of interest or related to living under a surveillance state or oppressive regimes.


My social media accounts and code repository have all been authenticated at Keybase with my PGP keys. I currently have two public PGP keys in active use:

Any currently-valid PGP key of mine should have a non-revokable, trust signature from my root certificate listed above. That certificate was generated offline and is kept offline, accessible only from one device with no network capabilities and is on an encrypted filesystem which is authenticated with both a password and smartcard.

You should be browsing this site via HTTPS and should see a valid certificate issued by Let's Encrypt. For additional verification my PGP key can also be downloaded from the Keybase servers and should always match the key linked on this web page.

If you need to send me an encrypted file, email, tweet, etc. encrypt it to my OpenPGP card, listed above in bold (under the root certificate). If you expect an encrypted response, be sure to get your public key to me through either email, Twitter, Reddit direct message or some other means: carrier pigeon, smoke signals, quantum entanglement, etc. ;)