If you need to contact me regarding sensitive or otherwise confidential information there are a few different options available depending on your technical skill set and experience. The simplest way is to use a ProtonMail email account. My email is hosted at ProtonMail, so any messages sent from your ProtonMail account to will be end-to-end encrypted automatically. You can learn more about ProtonMail and get your own account for free.



The more complex method is to use OpenPGP encryption to secure your messages or files prior to sending them. Explaining how to use PGP is beyond the scope of this informational page, so if you are pursuing that method you should already understand how it works. To send me PGP encrypted data, you will need my public encryption keys, the fingerprints and URLs to which I have included below. My encryption keys are also available on

I primarily use OpenPGP smart cards and these should be your first choice when sending any encrypted message or files as they are very secure using 4096-bit RSA. The fingerprints are as follows as well as the reader used to access the smart card:

 1455 AFA2 CCB2 EFD3 5A32 0C1B D1E0 6AAC 4DAB 2758 Reader: Gemalto IDBridge K50

 ABED FC0E A741 8BF9 4B47 299D 5849 46D1 396E E57B Reader: Identiv SCM SPR 532

I also have a Yubikey NEO primarily for mobile encryption, but it is less secure and uses 2048-bit RSA keys rather than 4096-bit RSA. Its fingerprint is as follows:

 4D00 AFFB 9300 1106 EFF0 C719 F39B 475E 8ED6 C6D7 Reader: YubiKey NEO

You can click the link on any of the fingerprints to download the public key for importing. You can download all of them in a single combined file by clicking here. The combined file can also be downloaded from for the sake of comparison and external verification. Feel free to send encrypted files or messages encrypted to all three keys. Each public key is cross-certified (digitally signed) by the other keys, so you can confirm the public key you are using is authentic with a high-degree of certainty. These public keys are also available for importing from the pool of SKS-Keyservers.


Site SSL/TLS Information

The SSL certificate used to provide TLS 1.2 for this website should have the following SHA-256 fingerprint:


It should also bear this serial number and be verified by cPanel, Inc: