If you need to contact me regarding sensitive or otherwise confidential information there are a few different options available depending on your technical skill set and experience. The simplest way is to use a ProtonMail email account. My email is hosted at ProtonMail, so any messages sent from your ProtonMail account to will be end-to-end encrypted automatically. You can learn more about ProtonMail and get your own account for free.


S/MIME – X.509

If you use a digital certificate with e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook to digitally-sign or encrypt messages, you can import my public X.509 certificate issued by Comodo and send me encrypted messages or verify the authenticity of my messages.

F72E8EA3FDBF59910CFAE095D7AD6D4839CD3930 (.CER format, Base-64 Encoded ASCII Armor)

The private key for this certificate exists only on a smart card I possess.


PGP – OpenPGP – GnuPG

If you prefer to use PGP/GPG, you will need the below public key:

6717EEAE5DAD4D50D1918641C9C3AF5D3E12F877 (.ASC format, Base-64 Encoded ASCII Armor)

As with my X.509 certificate above, the private key for this key pair exists only on a smart card to reduce the risk of key theft.